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Digital host SSL Certificates provides you with the highest levels of security standards. You can provide secure protocol to take payments, secure password management, securely handle customer information.

  • 256 Bit Encryption
  • industry leading encryption
  • Trusted & support by majority of Browsers
  • 24/7 installation Support
  • Strongest Encryption
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    What is a SSL Certificate?

    SSL -(secure sockets layer) certificate establishes a secure connection between the website sever and the user’s browser. This connection using SSL encryption then protects all data transferred between the two endpoints. SSL is the industry standard, used by banks, payment gateways, eCommerce stores and websites to support secure online transactions.

    How SSL Works

    SSL or Secure Socket Layer certificate helps secure your communication channel with your customers. SSL helps encrypting the data that is transferred between a customer’s browser and your website/server thus preventing any data leakage.


    Browser level verification

    The Browser you use to transact online ensures that the eCommerce website you are transacting on is secure and display warning in case of insecure connection


    Encrypting sensitive online data

    SSL certification ensures that your password and credit card information can be sent encrypted so that it is only visible to the merchant and the shopper.


    Security Assurance

    Once the encrypted transaction data transmission is successfully established your eCommerce website gets a trust mark in the form of a golden padlock and a https sign in the browser.


    Processing transaction data

    Customer browser and your website server communicate using SSL protocol with each other to exchange sensitive transaction data.

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