Business Web Hosting

Give your business a website hosting and impress your customers with fast speed. Fast loading and secure website will help you get better ranked by google. Business Web hosting is specially designed for demanding situations where quality of service is very important along with timely support.

  • Fast speed to reduce bounce rate
  • Scalable hosting to cater for surge in visitors
  • Automatic Daily Backups to ensure your data is secure
  • Latest hardware with higher load capacity
  • Website Protection from malicious traffic
  • Spam Filtering to protect your junk emails
  • Redundant DNS to ensure your website is always up
  • Advanced Caching to speed up the performance
  • CDN to reduce load and increase speed for static assets
  • 24/7 Monitoring and support
Business Hosting


Choose Billing Cycle Great Savings on Longer billing cycles
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    Choose Billing Cycle Great Savings on Longer billing cycles
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      Included in every plan…

      • Spam Filter
      • Premium DNS
      • 24/7 Site Monitoring
      • Daily Remote Backup
      • No Setup Fee

      Addons Available

      Web Hosting that makes a difference to your business.



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      Business Web Hosting

      Already have a web hosting solution somewhere else? Transfer to us. Business Web hosting gives high availability, top performance, greater resources, 24/7/365 monitoring and support to maximise productivity & growth of your business.

      Business Hosting

      Website Speed

      Get assured of fast loading websites & Web Applications with Digital Host. We analyse speed of business hosting websites that are slow and provide an audit of speed optimisation.

      Business Hosting

      Greater flexibility to build your websites

      Looking to build/install a website/cms by yourself? With our Business web hosting you will get all the tools and support required to help you. Our Highly skilled team can help you install your favorite CMS or application to kick-start your online presence.

      Business Hosting

      Generous Server Resources

      Enjoy higher server resource availability with our business hosting plan, higher CPU & RAM to boost the speed of your websites and applications.

      Business Hosting

      One Click Install

      Install your favorite CMS/ Web applications and plugins with our simple one-click auto installer. Our support team is ready to assist in case you need help with regard to any custom setup and configuration

      Focus on your core business

      Fast, secure, reliable Business web hosting that grows with your business. Our team will look after your business website/ application needs and let you have a peace of mind.

      Free Setup and

      Our highly skilled hosting migration team will handle the website migration/transfer, We will ensure a smooth and hassle free website migration. We will keep you informed on each step and ensure your website is running optimally with us


      Automatic Remote

      Data loss will be the least of your worries with our daily remote backup for your website, We use industries leading Jet backup to perform regular remote backup. Out support team is always available if your require adhoc backup. We offer higher frequency backup on request if you are running critical application


      Malware Prevention &
      Spam Control

      Our anti-malware threat management system protects your business website against malicious attacks, phishing emails, and emails with common viruses, Trojans, or malwares. All outbound emails are filtered through the spam management platform.


      Enhance your digital presence without the infrastructure complexities.


      24/7/365 Support

      We offer proactive server monitoring to ensure even the smallest of technical issues is fixed and minimize downtime

      Managed Backups

      We offer fully managed remote backup solutions to give you peace of mind. Our team regularly checks backup to ensure we have the data when we need it.


      Free SSL Installation

      We offer free SSL installation for your website. SSL helps in securing your website data and customer information


      Web Application Firewalls

      Web application firewall helps you keep unwanted traffic away from your website. Our dedicated staff ensures that you have highest level of security for your website


      Unlimited Application

      Our server are configured to run large number of open source application by default. Just with few clicks you can have your favorite CMS, shoppiing cart installed and ready to go


      Multiple PHP Versions

      Our server are configured to support multiple PHP version to fulfill the needs of wide variety of web applications and users.


      Content Distribution Network

      Running a busy and content heavy website is no longer an issue, we can offer CDN service for your website to deliver best customer experience across the globe.


      Advanced Cache

      We can provide advanced cache solution to enhance the performance of your website or web application. your customer will experience fast loading websites and low bounce rate


      Easy DNS Management

      DNS management is quick and easy with our advance DNS management tool, We offer geographically redundant DNS service to provide reliability and performance


      Server/network Monitoring

      Our server and network infrastructure is proactively monitored 24/7 for any issues and regular updates are applied to keep them secure


      Account Management

      Friendly billing/Service portal to help you manage your day to day needs. Our tech support team is happy to assist in case you are not sure about something


      SSD-Based Servers

      Get the best performance for your website/application on our servers with SSD storage for fast access to the data

      Why Digital Host

      Speed, Reliability,Support and Security separates us from other web hosts.



      Digital Host Enterprise grade servers and state of the art network infrastructure allows us to deliver high performance consistently



      Our server and network infrastructure is built with reliability and redundancy at every level. Our core network is built from scratch with leading DELL enterprise servers



      Our dedicated, proactive and high skilled customer support team helps us minimise downtime and resolve any server or network issue promptly



      Security by design is the key to offering peace of mind to our customers, We focus on security at every level right from network, server and application

      Call 1300 421 600, +61 2 8294 6688 to speak to digital host support advisor!
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