Email Spam Protection

You don’t have to worry about spam emails anymore, with Digital Host affordable enterprise anti-spam solution that takes away all the worries (spam) from your inbox. Absolute savings for the reduced time spent on going through spam emails. Spam emails are a serious annoyance, at best. At worst, they are carriers of potential malware and other malicious programs designed to do you harm. Put a stop to all of this with Spam Protect.

Spam Protect

Anti-Spam/Anti-Virus – Comprehensive Solutions

Powerful automation to filter viruses and spam in real time.

Spam damages productivity for your business and can even result in data theft or downtime in extreme cases. Don’t run this risk – choose Spam Protect and keep yourself safe.

Spam Protect

Outbound Filtering

Block spammers, filter outbound emails, and secure reliable delivery via a cloud-based SMTP service. If user accounts have been compromised, shut them down, improve your security, and prevent the damage of email blacklisting.

Inbound Filtering

Keep your inbox a virus, malware, spam free-zone. Utilise cloud-based inbound filtering as part of Digital Host’s Spam Protect and never get caught out.

Effective inbound and outbound spam filters + unbeatable protections against virus, malware, and other dangerous attachments + anti-blacklist protection and automated function.

Spam Protect

Finding a spam filter that works effectively


Protection against virus and malware attachments


Rising volume of spam emails

Starting at $10.00 per Domain/mo.

The Key Benefits of Spam Protect from Digital Host

What does your business get from Spam Protect? Take a look at our benefits.

Spam Protect

Enhanced productivity

No distractions, no confusion, no potential for crossed-wires or lost data. Just an inbox that actually serves its purposes as a business communication facility.

Reduced Costs

Spam emails can cause all manner of costs to your business, from small nuisance costs to full-blown business catastrophes. Eliminate all of these, and protect your bottom line with Spam Protect.

Spam Protect
Spam Protect

Peace of Mind and Security

The Digital Host team are on hand to provide round-the-clock monitoring for your Spam Protect solution.

This includes close support – delivered when you need it – any time of the day or night. Reach out by phone or chat, or log a ticket, and we’ll be right with you.

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