Server Management

We’ll manage your servers so you can focus on your business.

Our server management expert team can help you manage your critical infrastructure 24/7 without the need to hire in house experts. you can leverage on the skills of our server management team.

Server Management


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    Server Management is our passion

    Our server management team can help you get started, audit your existing server to tweak it and ensure you server infrastructure stays up to date and ready to deliver high level of performance. Our server management team monitors all servers proactively 24/7 and fixes any issue encountered immediately.

    Server Management

    Our team at Digital Host provides the very best in server management solutions. Leave your management to us and focus on your core business.


    Corrupted RAID recovery

    Digital Host will rebuild your software or hardware RAID in the event of corruption.


    Infected Website Recovery

    Regular backups mean you always have peace of mind. And, we’ll manually clean your infected site if backup is impossible.


    IP Blacklist Removal

    IP blacklisting solutions – delisting, vulnerability patching, rehabilitation, and relaunch.


    Database Repair

    Backups for your data and database structures. Backups provided with DB tools and restorations.


    Bruteforce Mitigation

    Bruteforce attacks need the right response. We’ll block their IP and protect your apps.


    Email Errors Repaired

    Don’t go without email – let Digital Host repair your business mail, marketing list, or others aspects of business email.


    Website Monitoring & Rescue

    Our team monitor your sites 24/7, fixing PHP errors, DB errors, and more, to keep you on track


    Powerful Disaster Recovery

    Maintain business continuity, with full or partial server restoration should something go wrong

    Why Digital Host

    Speed, Reliability,Support and Security separates us from other web hosts.



    Digital Host Enterprise grade servers and state of the art network infrastructure allows us to deliver high performance consistently



    Our server and network infrastructure is built with reliability and redundancy at every level. Our core network is built from scratch with leading DELL enterprise servers



    Our dedicated, proactive and high skilled customer support team helps us minimise downtime and resolve any server or network issue promptly



    Security by design is the key to offering peace of mind to our customers, We focus on security at every level right from network, server and application

    Frequently Asked Questions


    What does server management involve?

    Server management involves monitoring and maintaining servers to guarantee they are running at peak performance. Whether you’re dealing with in-house or cloud-based servers, successful server management requires several critical components.

    How much does server management services cost?

    Depending on your server maintenance needs, our managed services run from $39.95 to $89.95 per server per month.

    Do you provide server management support for Windows and Linux?

    Our server management solution completely supports Microsoft Windows Server. Whether you’re using Windows Server 2012 or a later version, our services are tailored to your needs. If you prefer a Linux environment, we’ve got you covered with support for practically all types of Linux flavours (Debian, Ubuntu, Centos, Redhat, Suse, Fedora, Alma Linux).

    Will I require a Digital Host server to purchase server management?

    You can purchase a server management package for a server hosted by a third party. However, one of the benefits of getting a managed server from us is that you will have both server hosting and management in one location. With a Digital Host server, we have immediate access to any hardware faults, eliminating the need to rely on a third party.

    Why should I outsource server management?

    Outsourcing server management offers businesses several benefits, including custom server setup, fool-proof security, 24/7 uptime assurance, expert support, higher ROI at low cost, adaptability to diverse server needs, allowing internal teams to focus on strategic business goals, and gaining competitive advantages. Outsourced teams monitor security threats, perform audits, and keep software up-to-date, ensuring robust security. They also provide expert support, freeing up resources for core business activities. Outsourcing also allows for scalability and flexibility, allowing businesses to focus on strategic goals rather than daily maintenance.

    Would Digital Host handle or upgrade my server on a regular basis?

    As part of our proactive strategy, we routinely check the server for upcoming patch and security update releases. Once the consumer has given their approval, we arrange for the necessary release to happen beyond work hours.

    What is your average customer satisfaction rating?

    Our average client satisfaction rate is 99.99%, indicating our ability to fix 99% of issues within our scope.


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